We were tasked to create a new baggage handling hub connecting T5 with the Central Terminal area.


How We Were Selected For This Project

Based on the performance of JCK throughout the PT5TBS Baggage Tunnel and the T3 Western Interface Building JCK were awarded the full installation of the T3IB baggage System.

Why JCK?

The T3IB building is linked to the WIB, JCK had a vast amount of knowledge of the previous installations which are connected to this building and therefore were the obvious choice to continue with a seamless installation.

Key Stages Of The Project

  • Logistics – Receiving equipment through the CLC, and loading out to the correct zones via a complex lifting system.
  • LV Distribution – Installation and testing of the Low Voltage Network system and associated Hardware.
  • Installation – Installation of Conveyors, Helixorters and Tubtrax over a building consisting of 8 levels.
  • Testing and Commissioning of the full System.

Seeing a key part of the automated baggage handling system up and running makes me feel a lot better. Name one other construction project in the UK costing over £1bn that is on time and on budget.

–  Tony Douglas,
Managing Director of Terminal 5 Project.